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Bed Bug Treatment Pesticide

Our Team Always recommends heat treatment as the first options as it’s the most effective method in eliminating bed bugs and their eggs in one single day.

Pesticide treatment is the next treatment option that we recommend, it is also the less expensive method. When applying pesticide treatments our team extensively applies pesticides in areas that are often overlooked by customers that try to handle the problem themselves. Our team knows the areas where bed bugs may be hiding, and targets these areas along with the main infested areas of your home. Pesticide treatment takes 30 days or longer to eliminate all of the bed bugs. Heat treatment is often preferred by our customers as it takes only one day to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. During the 30 days wait period under pesticide treatment customers may experience bites. Pesticide also may not always eliminate eggs and certain areas that are inaccessible. However, our team knows how to target troublesome areas so that when eggs do hatch, the bed bugs will come into contact with the pesticide.

How long does pesticide treatment take?
Our Team takes an hour or more to complete the application of your treatment. We require that you remain out of the home for six hours which is the time it takes for the pesticide to dry. If you continue to have bed bugs 30 days after the application of the treatment, then our team will perform an additional treatment free of charge as long as you are within the warranty period.

Is pesticide treatment used for both small and large bed bug infestations?
Our team specializes in applying bed bug pesticide treatments and can successfully eliminate both large and small infestations using pesticide. We do recommend that all our customers consider the many benefits of heat treatment because it can completely eliminate your bed bug problem in one visit.

Should I be worried that pesticides being harmful to my family and pets?
Our team applies the pesticide to areas where your pets and people will not come into direct contact. Your family and pets should not have any issues with the pesticide. We consider the treatments both pet and people friendly.

Can I purchase the pesticides online or at a store?
Store bought pesticides will not completely eliminate your bedbug problems. Additionally, store bought pesticides most often only increase the problem as the repellent spreads the bugs to different areas of a room or home, but does not kill the bed bugs.

The commercial products that our team uses are not recommended for homeowners. Our team obtains extensive training in following best industry standards that homeowners cannot receive by simply reading the label of a product. Lastly, if applied incorrectly bed bugs can gain a resistance to pesticides which makes completely eliminating bed bugs even more difficult. Important to note is that many commercial grade pesticides sold online often are counterfeit. Licensed pesticide applicators should be the only people that use and handle commercial pesticides.

Do you have any guarantees for pesticide treatment?
Our team provides a guarantee for both heat treatments and pesticide treatments. There is a one year or eighteen month warranty when heat treatment is applied to an entire structure. Our pesticide treatments include a 6 month warranty for single family homes.

Is there something that customers have to do to prepare for your team to complete pesticide treatments?

      • All floors, even under beds and closets, need to be cleared.
      • Bed linens need to be removed, immediately washed, and dried on high heat.
      • If you used any Diatomaceous Earth, vacuum this up prior to treatment.
      • All kitchenware, food, and drink should be put away.
      • All pets and people need to be away from the treated room or area for at least 6 hours.
      • If you have small pets or family that is sensitive to pesticides keep them out of the treated area for 24 hours.

Do families need to leave their home?
This is one recommendation we cannot emphasize enough to our customers. We require that all people leave the home for a minimum of 6 hour to allow time for the pesticide to dry.

Can any items in my home be damaged?
Pesticide treatment does not risk damaging items in your home.

Heat treatment has a more extensive preparation list for our customers which aims to help avoid damaging items that may be sensitive to heat treatment. If a home is prepped well then there is no risk of damaging items during heat treatment.

Main points for pest control of bed bugs
Please visit our page on prevention

How can we make your job easier?
The sooner our team starts the faster we can eliminate your problem. Please contact us immediately upon noticing any bed bugs. We also recommend that our customers closely follow the preparation instructions.


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