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The first thing our team does is inspect your home and determine the range of the infestation. The trucks that our technicians use do not have any text with the words “bed bugs” to keep the work we perform discreet. Our team closely inspects your sofa, bedding, mattresses, and any other furniture for any sign of a bed bug infestation.  Our friendly staff is sure to accommodate all of your needs, which includes addressing any questions, concerns, or issues you have related to bed bugs

Our technicians are committed to providing the best service possible.  After your treatment if you suspect there are additional bed bug issues, schedule a visit with our technicians and we will be happy to re-inspect your home.

Bed Bug Canine Inspection

If we can see bed bugs with our eye then a canine inspection is not necessary. We have a neutral third party that you can use for canine inspection.  Beware of companies that provide their own canine inspection because the results may be biased.  Always use third party canine inspectors. Click here to learn more. 

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